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Siegal 12" Deluxe Queen Mattress Black

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Drift into a serene slumber on this deluxe mattress, where comfort is redefined with every stitch. The intricately patterned quilting is not just a testament to its craftsmanship but a cradle for your body's every curve. Clad in a sleek, dark fabric, it promises durability and style, while the layers within offer a sleep experience that's both supportive and luxurious. This mattress isn't merely a sleeping surface; it's a nightly invitation to indulge in restorative rest, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated every morning.

* Enjoy a restful night's sleep with this queen mattress
* Foam construction conforms to your body for exceptional comfort
* 12" thick for reliable comfort that fits standard linens
* Stylish black fabric cover offers the softness you need for great sleep
* Upgrade your sleep experience with the modern foam mattress


Height 12
Width 80
Length 60