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Baker 6-drawer Dresser with Mirror Light Taupe

Vendor: Coaster
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Introduce rustic charm to your bedroom with this contemporary dresser, featuring a long, narrow frame and six spacious drawers. The top two drawers are lined with brown felt, providing a soft space for jewelry and delicate garments, while slender matte bronze pulls add a bold horizontal touch. The brown casing contrasts with the light taupe drawer fronts, highlighting their texture. Bracket legs elevate the piece, offering definition and space to display decorative rugs. The matching modern mirror, with a two-tone brown and light taupe 3D paper veneer frame, creates a minimalist touch, perfect for a vanity setup in a bedroom retreat.

* Contemporary dresser with six spacious drawers and brown felt-lined top drawers
* Slender matte bronze pulls and etched outer edge detail
* Brown outer casing showcases light taupe drawer fronts
* Dual level framed rustic modern mirror with 3D paper veneer
* Two-tone brown and light taupe color palette for a striking addition to your bedroom


Height 75.25
Width 16.75
Length 64